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Check out our PDF of Módulo 1 with samples of Unidad 4 and 8, plus the table of contents and more: Sample PDF of Módulo 1

Soleado 1

Soleado: curso de español como segunda lengua para adultos

An up-to-date version of this site is at: SOLEDUCATIONAL.COM

Your students will love learning Spanish the Soleado way! In just 25 to 30 hours of classes they will be conversing and interacting in Spanish.

Classroom-tested in continuing study courses by universities, colleges and school boards, Soleado is fast-paced and entertaining. It is a three-level course, each level with a workbook and corresponding CD.

Each unit provides the instructor with a completely prepared class. The workbooks feature illustrated diálogos, presentaciones, prácticas and interacciones, all presented with lots of visuals, humor and culture. And to end the class on a high note, popular Hispanic canciones.


  • Eclectic method, based on the communicative approach...more
  • Spanish used exclusively throughout the books...more
  • Spanish and Latin American language and culture...more
  • Free teacher’s manual available online...more
  • Reasonably priced...more


I have been using Soleado since Patricia Martin published it in 1995. The author invites us to travel with a cast of Canadian characters through the Hispanic world; the book helps make my classes lively, fun, and true voyages of discovery. Patricia Martin introduces the Spanish language with an array of activities using dialogue, grammar, vocabulary, cultural facts, and fun songs from the Hispanic world... more



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Teaching Resources: SUMMER DRINKS

Video: Agua de Jamaica

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Three levels

The course is available in three levels, Módulo 1 - beginner, Módulo 2 - intermediate and Módulo 3 -intermediate to advanced.

Módulo 1

Students will learn how to order food in a restaurant, make general purchases, meet and greet other people, ask for directions and discuss future plans. Sample PDF of Módulo 1 (1.3MB)

Módulo 2

Students will learn how to describe minor health problems, make casual conversation with the people they meet, and talk about past experiences.

Módulo 3

Soleado 3 takes the communication learned in the first two manuals to a deeper level, providing more sophisticated structures and topics including traveling, art, music, environment, gourmet food, advice, opinions and more.

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Teaching method

Soleado uses an eclectic method, all under the umbrella of the communicative approach. The students have to constantly interact with one another in practical and simple conversations, giving them the opportunity to communicate in Spanish immediately and effectively.

There is a natural presentation of new structures through dialogues, visuals and examples, and a constant relationship between newly introduced linguistic structures and the functional objective of the unit.

Paso a paso is an excerpt taken from the free Teacher's Manual [PDF], offering the instructor a step-by-step plan for a typical class using Soleado.

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The CD

Professionally recorded, the CD not only brings the characters to life, but also helps with pronunciation, intonation and comprehension. Different accents and expressions from the Hispanic world are used, and popular Hispanic songs from Spain and Latinamerica provide an entertaining way to end the class.

CD  Level 2 CD  Level 3 CD

song from Argentina  
                 Note: this song is also on our YouTube channel

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Spanish used exclusively

Apart from the objectives in English and French, this course uses Spanish exclusively throughout. The many illustrations and examples as well as the varied exercises will help your students to learn Spanish the natural way.

An online Spanish to English glossary is available for each unit of Módulo 1.


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Hispanic world and culture

The workbooks present a series of illustrated characters who explore the Hispanic world and culture. The stories are engaging and humorous. Students follow the characters through various situations learning new structures and vocabulary as they progress through the units.

There are supplementary resources such as videos and web pages with cultural information on such topics as bebidas hispánicas and chiles, to compliment the units of the course.

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Each unit begins with two pages of illustrated dialogue where the new structures and vocabulary are presented naturally, and in context. The students look at the pictures and try to follow along with the CD, not necessarily understanding every word, just the general storyline.

The dialogue is followed by a cloze exercise (fill-in-the-blanks) before going onto the presentaciones of the new structures.


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The new structures and vocabulary presented in each dialogue are introduced formally in the "presentaciones" through drawings and examples. They are followed by prácticas, a variety of practice exercises.
presentacion: la hora

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The "prácticas" are a controlled way of practicing the new structures or vocabulary. In class they are usually done in pairs, or they can be assigned as homework. An answer key at the end of each chapter allows the students to check on their work. Each "práctica" is usually followed by an interacción, a less controlled activity.



With the "interacciones" students have the opportunity to converse through a variety of classroom activities such as interviewing classmates, role-playing, and creating dialogues.


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Free teacher’s manual

Teacher Manual

Our Teacher’s Manual is available as a FREE PDF!
Download it as an Acrobat PDF [64KB]

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Flashcards of characters

PASO A PASO (Spanish only)

Flashcards of Characters [pdf]

Reasonably priced

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Soleado Level 1 Beginner
Level 3 CD with dialogues, songs and exercises